Sales App

Seize the moment! Never miss an opportunity with the Sales App. Whether you are on the road, at home or on site, keep the power of Property-xRM at arm’s length. Sales teams can now gather Lead/client information on the go, match preferences and provide virtual walk through to clients for faster conversions. Reduce waiting times Manage demands instantly while converting every chance to a valuable transaction with the sales App.

Capture leads on the go

Sales personnel don’t get the luxury of working in an office and are always on the move. However, sales opportunities are always flowing in and even the slightest delay can cause the lead to bounce. Metadata Sales app is made to tackle this very scenario. Simply use the mobile app to utilize the complete features of Property-xRM.

Provide digital walkthrough to your properties

Increase your chances of converting the lead by allowing potential customers to get a feel for the property. Give them a virtual tour of the place along with the floorplan to help them visualize the location and weigh the property’s pros and cons.

Shortlist properties based on customer preferences

Use advanced in-built filter tools to consolidate a list of properties that matches the customer’s needs and fits their requirements. Pass on the information regarding the relevant properties to the client in order to increase the likelihood of closing the sale.

Ensure seamless communication with the team

Coordinate the operations of your team and allow for smoother operational workflows in order to enhance productivity. Employ your resources efficiently via cohesive communication to bring forth results that improve the company’s key metrics

Maximize Sales & Optimize Sales

Cycles without fretting over the variables


Update and follow up leads on the go to convert every opportunity into a sale.

  • Access to features on the go
  • Close deals remotely
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Minimize churn rates
  • Provide instant support


Make instant offers and manage approvals using your mobile device or tablet.

  • Verify documentation
  • Finalize approvals
  • Confirm contract specifics
  • Follow-up on queries
  • Generate invoices


Arrange for guided tours of the units and properties to pique customer interest.

  • Schedule tours
  • Provide virtual walkthroughs
  • Embed floorplans
  • Share unit specifics
  • Forward proposals