Real Estate

Let’s face it. Properties don’t sell or lease themselves. In today’s competitive market, it is essential to have an effective real estate marketing strategy to generate and nurture leads from multiple channels. Real estate companies need to keep track of their contacts, target and segment the right audience, and follow up with potential tenants or owners. All of this, while collaborating with the sales and leasing teams. Property-xRM leverages the powerful Microsoft platform to offer real estate marketing solutions to help you do it all.

Social Media

Make property announcements, vacancy postings, or showcase your brand on social media right from within the CRM. Schedule or go-live immediately with posts and view the status and contents all from a single place. With comprehensive analytics, track channel-wise leads and enable front-end teams to take over.

Website Listings

Market your properties and units on the company website or push the listings to a third-party (ILS) websites to attract prospects and turn leads into deals. Include floor plans, and attach pictures to engage leads and shorten deal cycles. Notify sales and leasing teams automatically when there’s an enquiry from any channel.

Email Campaigns

Promote property launches, listings, or offers, with beautifully designed emails. Leverage intelligent insights to segment buyers and drive property-specific campaigns. Automate and personalize emails to build prospect and customer relationships using CRM data.

Surveys and Insights

Conduct surveys and polls with a target audience to get feedback and capture relevant information for future marketing purposes. Identify market trends, understand best performing marketing channels, assess resident satisfaction, and better position your units and properties.

Real Estate Marketing to Drive More Deals

Find, attract, and convert prospects with a unified platform

Real Estate Marketing Campaign Analytics

Campaign Performance

  • Leverage Microsoft technology to track key campaign metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Determine which emails are resonating with the audience and adjust strategy accordingly.
  • Segment audience based on property preferences and send targeted campaigns.

Marketing Analytics

  • Track leads by source and gauge the best-performing channels for efficient lead management.
  • Create custom views with drilled down capabilities for detailed reporting.
  • Make predictive analysis on portfolio occupancy based on opportunities.
Lead Management

Omnichannel Management

  • Utilize CRM to manage marketing efforts across social media channels from a single location.
  • Setup automated resident buying journeys with AI-based prompts for follow-up actions.
  • Avoid duplication of property enquiries with smart logics and focus on the best prospects.