Real Estate Document

Real Estate investments come with adherence to a lot of compliances. Proper documentation plays a vital role in mitigating risks and improving efficiency. Be it the right ID, proposals, agreements, or financials - it's critical to have everything within hand's reach. Leveraging Microsoft technology and native SharePoint capabilities on the cloud, Property-xRM's Real Estate Document Management Solution helps you store, generate, and upload documents with ease.

Document Storage

A centralized platform for storing, organizing, and accessing all types of documents related to properties, clients, transactions, and contracts. Upload property images, scan identity proofs, and store them in a central database for easy access.

Easy Tracking

Effortlessly track document versions, revisions, changes, and updates, while maintaining a clear audit trail for added compliance. Keep a sustainable and historic record of previously modified documents and say goodbye to paper clutter.

Enhanced Security

Undertake robust measures with role-based access to protect confidential information like legal documents, resident ID, and financial data. Automate backup and recovery procedures to ensure safety from loss or damage with the Microsoft Cloud.

Standardized Templates

Define templates based on organizational standards to ensure uniformity in agreements and contracts. Auto-generate reservation documents at scale using mail-merge functionalities to reduce customer waiting time and maintain compliance.

Improved Collaboration

Enable sales, leasing representatives, administrators, and managers to work on any document simultaneously and share comments, notes, or feedback in real time. Bring Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and CRM data onto a unified platform.

Boost Efficiency

Digitizing paper-based documents can eliminate manual data entry and reduce the time required to process a transaction. At the same time, automating the generation of invoices and receipts allows finance and operations teams to cross-check data easily.

Real Estate Document Management Made Easy

Reduce manual efforts, improve accessibility, and boost productivity

Electronic Signatures

Leverage DocuSign to capture digital signatures from prospective tenants and owners.

  • Share agreements or notices directly from the system.
  • Reduce delays and promote prospect engagement.
  • Store validated documents automatically under contract.

Seamless Approvals

Take faster decisions and collaborate via Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

  • Allow teams to seek approvals on proposals and invoices with ease.
  • Managers and admins can view documents and online records without logging into the system.
  • Approvals are a click away, ensuring faster processes.

Document Formats

Document types can be used to categorize the various documents attached to property records or client profiles.

Easily organize and retrieve important documents as needed in various formats. Documents include:

  • Client ID
  • Property Inspection and Snag Reports
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Technical Documents