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As a Real Estate Developer or a Property Management Company, reporting is crucial in monitoring performance. Be it property performance, agent activity, or financial health, managers are flooded with tons of data. Property-xRM leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365’s reporting engine and native Power BI capabilities to turn real estate data into actionable insights.

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CRM and Property Management

Bring CRM and Property Management reporting on to a single platform. Track financial performance, occupancy rates, and maintenance needs to make strategic choices that optimize operations, and maximize ROIs.

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Property Performance Evaluation

With our asset management system metrics like rental income, expenses, vacancy rates, and tenant satisfaction help in identifying areas of improvement by addressing operational inefficiencies and optimizing overall performance.

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Custom Dashboards

Allow users to create and customize their own dashboards without any dependency to monitor key performance metrics. Property-xRM’s asset management system facilitates users can pick and choose relevant data fields, apply filters, choose visualization types, and arrange layouts to meet specific reporting needs.

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Mobile Access

Access Property-xRM reports and dashboards on mobile devices by using real estate reporting software. Gain access to insights anytime, anywhere, providing flexibility and mobility in data analysis. Empower users with portable access to make informed decisions on the go, improving productivity and responsiveness.

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Improved Collaboration

Share reports and dashboards in Property-xRM’s real estate reporting software with colleagues, enabling smarter collaboration on property data analysis, tenant financials, or contract management. Native connectivity with Microsoft Outlook and Teams allows faster communication, improving efficiency.

Agent KPI Tracking

Monitor agent-wise performance against set KPIs with ease. Track leads, opportunities, and conversions, with drilled down capabilities across properties and units leased or sold. Stay on top of maintenance activities with clear insights into work orders, and technician productivity.

Real Estate Reporting Made Smarter

A powerful BI platform for quicker impact


Interactive Dashboards

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365’s reporting engine for drilled-down dashboards to track progress across:

  • Inventory Status
  • Financial Performance
  • Contract Renewals
  • Sales and Leasing
  • And much more
Real Estate Sales Analytics

Mobile Reporting

Be on-to-the go anytime anywhere with a unified interface and single sign-on access.

  • Track sales and leasing pipelines
  • Access KPIs visually
  • Lead-to-deal stage-wise insights
  • Personalized views to boost performance
Real Estate Reporting Software

Native Power BI Reporting

Use the natively embedded PowerBI capabilities to visualize real estate data right within Property-xRM.

  • Leverage AI to build custom dashboards in seconds
  • Apply filters to add fields to real estate data
  • Work effortlessly across Microsoft Apps like Excel and Teams
  • Get a 360-degree view of properties, residents, and prospects


Real Estate Reporting Software

Standard Management Reports

Gain access to dozens of standard Property-xRM reports and create additional statements with ease.

  • Rent Roll Reports
  • Sales/Leasing Performance Reports
  • Unit Vacancy Reports
  • Contract Expiration Reports
  • Final Settlement Reports, and more

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