Property-xRM Application Ecosystem with Microsoft

Property-xRM Application Ecosystem

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate, Property-xRM provides an all-in-one real estate software. In the top bar of the diagram, you can see the core modules offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 which include Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, and Finance. Property-xRM, a CRM for Property Management is built on these modules for Real Estate Sales, Property Leasing, Facilities Management, Retail Management, Community Service, and Owner Associations. An end-to-end CRM for Homebuilders and Developers streamlines the selling & leasing process and extends beyond handovers and move-ins. The facilities management module simplifies property maintenance, while retail module provides a complete mall management and retail leasing software. Owner Association and Community Service modules enhance resident experience, all while bridging the gap between CRM and Property Management. The Microsoft Power Platform promotes business automation, smart reporting, and low-code app building. A seamless connectivity with Office 365 & LinkedIn boosts productivity and collaborative efficiency. These native Microsoft applications accentuate the performance of a real estate company.


CRM Platform

Industry leading CRM Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM tailored for real estate needs

Property Management

Efficient Property Management

CRM for Property Management with a focus on customers

Reporting Capabilities

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Powerful analytics and robust reporting tools from Microsoft


Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing third-party applications seamlessly