At Property-xRM, we understand the importance of building meaningful community relations with those around you. We believe that the essence of happy living lies in maintaining a positive environment where all individuals can grow and thrive. HOAs are the glue that holds the community together and Property-xRM’s Homeowners Association Management Software facilitates the maintenance of community relations and smooth functioning of operations.

Committee Management

Create committees with just a few clicks and specify the roles and responsibilities of each committee member. Save time and ensure every member is aware of his/her responsibilities. Coordinate with Board Members regarding community activities such as maintenance or resource allocation.

Hassle-free payments

Automated financial tracking features help members to keep track of payments and expenses associated with each property. This promotes quick generation of financial reports, and allows for easy reconciliation of accounts ensuring that all financial transactions are accurately recorded.

Systematic Billings

Collect and consolidate resident fees through a single platform to ensure timely payments and improved transparency. Define billing charges and generate batch fees automatically to be shared with the residents via email or as a document.

Reminders and Notifications

Update community members regarding HOA activities or events within the residency locality. Ensure that important deadlines and announcements regarding payments or facilities are communicated via emails, chat, or push notifications on the online portal.

Online Portal and Mobile App

Go paperless with Property-xRM’s mobile app or online portal for residents. Promote self servicing by empowering members to make payments, raise maintenance requests, track contract-related details - all on a single platform, anytime anywhere.


Seamless Integrations

Connect the HOA application with your existing ERP software or other business applications to boost productivity and efficiency. Get rent, payment charges or penalty-related information about units at a glance and streamline workflows.

Streamline Community Operations and Engagement

Empowering HOAs to foster a sense of community and involvement

Member Management

Member Management

Facilitates easy management of committee and association members. Classify information like:

  • Contact Details
  • Designations and Roles
  • Payment Defaults
  • Credit Rating
Community Billing

Efficient Billings

Streamline the association financials from bill generation to invoicing.

  • Automate billing & reduce manual efforts.
  • Track unit-wise bill and pending amounts.
  • Share invoices and statements digitally.
  • Import and export bills with ease.
HOA Communications

Digital Communications

Reach out to members for general or personalized notices electronically.

  • Draft and design messages and emails.
  • Share AGM notices with members.
  • Send out notifications and reminders.
  • Share documents and event information.