Handover Overview

Embrace the potential of Property-xRM handover solution to speed up the move-in process. Get notified by property management companies near you about upcoming handovers or easily scroll through the property inventory using unit search. Coordinate inspections using pre-defined inspection templates, and auto-generate inspection reports. Capture snags in real-time, schedule maintenance promptly, and ensure timely delivery of units.

Schedule internal and client inspections

By using the automation options, schedule inspections from your end to check for any problems on the property and to make sure that everything is in order. You or the Property Management Companies near you can help to verify that the property meets client requirements.

Report snags with images to validate

Document issues on the property that were discovered during scheduled inspections by your internal team or by property management companies. Create detailed reports and include all associated information regarding the problem along with images for verification.

Make reports available in real time

Time is of the essence during a property handover. The reports pertaining to the issues on the property need to reach the concerned personnel immediately to ensure prompt resolution. Create and forward results in real time to hasten handover proceedings.

Speed up unit hand over process

Complete all inspections and maintenance works in quick time using the smart automation capabilities of Property-xRM. Handover the property as agreed in order to achieve peak customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Reach Unit Handovers Faster

Streamline your inspection to unit sales cycle


Unit Search

Scroll through all of your properties and easily shortlist units for handover.

  • Real-time updates
  • Filter units easily
  • Ensure faster deliveries
  • Get unit-level information
  • A single view of available units

Snag Details

Recognize and report snags in your properties to undertake swift corrective measures.

  • Prioritize issues
  • Document problems
  • Generate reports
  • Assign maintenance tasks
  • Implement corrective action

Inspection Template

Organize, select, and edit templates for multiple units across your portfolio.

  • Create new templates
  • Customize with ease
  • Match with document checklist
  • Capture what’s important
  • Flexible inspections

Inspection Report

Analyse and monitor inspection results to keep units in best shape

  • Make informed decisions
  • Share reports seamlessly
  • Get critical insights
  • Take corrective actions
  • Stay updated always