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Property-xRM FAQ

Managing properties is in no way a simple task. To handle routine business-critical tasks, property managers need to juggle multiple roles. Manually performing such tasks and tracking the team is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Managing rent collections, renewals, and service requests is not only recursive but also demands meticulous attention for a Property Management company.

Property Management solutions are designed to automate and streamline operations to make the life of Property Managers easy. Property–xRM provides real-time inventory status, occupancy, and reminders for rent collection and renewals which generally is exasperating and also could be missed leading to loss of revenue, and loss of business.

Property-xRM is all-in-one real estate software. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, it extends the capabilities of one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. This coupled with the foundation of over 20 years of expertise in the Real Estate industry helps companies get the best of both worlds.

Be it sales, leasing, or facility management, the Microsoft platform and Property-xRM present a consolidated solution. Process optimization, better relationship insights, and a resident-first approach are key highlights of Property-xRM.

Property-xRM is simplified to fit the business needs of Property Management and Real Estate Development (Developers and Homebuilders) companies.

Property-xRM is the perfect choice for all types of real estate operators looking to sell, lease, or manage properties.

Real Estate Developers, Homebuilders, Property Management Companies, Facilities Management Companies, Retail Operators, Communities, and Owner’s Associations find Property-xRM useful in streamlining their processes.

Property-xRM pricing is designed to cater to small as well as large customers. Pricing of Property-xRM is based on the number of users. Customers can add an unlimited number of units to the Property-xRM solution. The pricing policy is designed to help customers pay as they use and also does not impact cost while adding new Projects.

The minimum number of users starts at 20.

Yes, since Property-xRM is powered using Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, customers need Microsoft Dynamics Licenses to use Property-xRM.

Apart from the licenses, there would be a one-time implementation investment depending upon the modules selected and templates required. Please contact a Property-xRM sales agent for further details at

Property-xRM is developed using the CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365. Many users have connected Property-xRM with ERP systems like JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion, SAP, etc.

Property-xRM also integrates with third-party applications leveraging the open Microsoft platform. If the application in question has an open API available, then integration is lesser a challenge.

Property-xRM uses platforms that are capable of handling high-end integrations between multiple applications. Integrations can also be done using Microsoft technologies like Flow or Power Automate.

Using middleware solutions, sending and receiving data from and to Property-xRM from any ERP solutions is made easy. Please contact a Property-xRM technical consultant for further details. Read more about Property-xRM for Real Estate Software Integration.

Property-xRM CRM Property Management Software has offices in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE), North America (New York, USA), and India.

The solution has over 100 successful implementations across the world with a market-leading presence in the Middle East.

Property-xRM Real Estate Inventory Management allows companies to have dynamic access to inventory on a real-time basis. Inventory is stored in the CRM, giving more access to the sales, leasing, and FM executives.

Property-xRM combines the power of CRM and Property Management in one solution. It’s a CRM Sofware for Property Management that covers almost 80% requirements of a real estate company.

Property-xRM is built on a CRM platform and is more configurable, customizable, and flexible – making it very scalable.

For more detailed clarification regarding CRM or Property Management, feel free to contact us at

The Property-xRM Team will be delighted to answer all your questions.