In today's fast-paced digital landscape, traditional methods of real estate lead management are no longer enough to keep up with the competition. Real estate companies need to embrace technology and nurture leads from a variety of channels. Consolidate enquiries into a single platform and help your customers find their dream properties with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Property-xRM.


Multi-Channel Management

Nurture leads by capturing enquiries from various channels such as email, social media, and website forms, and organizing them into a centralized database. Automate follow-ups and personalize messaging with insights on lead behavior and interest. Help agents prioritize leads and focus on the ones that are most likely to convert.

Automatic Lead Assignment

Assign leads automatically to the sales or leasing team based on geographic location, preferred language, lead source, lead behavior, etc. Set up rules to distribute leads to the right executive on pre-defined criteria. Alternatively, allow managers to assign leads manually to executives that are best suited for the lead.

Preference Capture

Match unit preferences of a prospective buyer with available units by creating filters that allow agents to search for the right location, size, and price range. Encourage virtual tours with 360-degree views and high-quality images of units. Reduce customer waiting time by identifying and offering units that match their requirements.

Prospect Engagement

Book appointments, schedule site-visits, and get intelligent AI-based prompts for next best actions to manage prospect interactions. Leverage Microsoft productivity tools like Outlook and Teams natively to communicate seamlessly with prospects. Generate and share proposals and offers with a click of a few buttons to boost prospect experience.

Satisfied Residents begin as Curious Enquiries

Engage prospects with a seamless experience

Live Dashboards

  • Obtain visual representations of the sales pipeline, showing the number of leads at each stage, and allowing agents to quickly identify which leads require attention.
  • Customize dashboard views as required to highlight key metrics, such as conversion rates, leads by source, or active worklists.
  • Stay organized, focused, and ultimately close more deals.

In-built AI Capabilities

  • Get actionable insights through lead scores and AI-generated recommendations for upcoming activities.
  • Leverage machine learning capabilities to identify patterns and predict the likelihood of a prospect become a home owner/tenant.
  • Reach out to leads at the optimal time and recommend their preferred properties.

Predictive Analysis

  • Track deals in the pipeline and estimate closing dates.
  • Capture and organize data on each opportunity, including stage, probability, and timeline. Monitor progress, identify potential roadblocks, and prioritize efforts for the best results.
  • Leverage historical data and AI algorithms to estimate close dates with periodic alerts to gauge exposure.

Virtual Touring

  • Enhance the experience for prospective clients with 3D virtual touring guides anytime, anywhere.
  • Store and manage tour links and data in one centralized location to provide a more immersive experience.
  • Save time and empower sales and leasing agents to close more deals.