Real Estate

Inventory is the heart of a real estate business. Unlike other industries, each unit or a property is unique and cannot be mass-produced, making it a challenge for agents and brokers to manage. That’s why it is important to have quick access to dynamic inventory at all times. Building real estate inventory on a CRM platform provides a central repository for managing property listings, leads, contracts, and communication with clients.

Real Estate Inventory management software

Streamline Lead to Contract

By using our Real Estate Inventory management software, get real-time updates on available properties, ensuring that agents and brokers have accurate information about the status of each property. Automate tasks like lead capture, follow-up, and contract management helping the front-end team focus on driving sales.

Real Estate Inventory management software

Shorter Deal Cycles

With a real-time view of inventory including vacant, blocked, or soon-to-be available units, empower teams to make offers and share proposals faster with Property-xRM’s real estate inventory management software. Secure preferred units, ensure shorter customer waiting time, and improve the likelihood of a transaction.

Real Estate Inventory management software

Better Selling Opportunities

Improved visibility into the portfolio combined with the customer preferences helps agents identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Provide personalized advice and recommendations, and build stronger relationships with customers.

Real Estate Inventory management software

Flexible Pricing and Access

Extend the capability to adjust bulk unit pricing on the fly. Leverage insights from market trends, sales performance and AI to make dynamic data-driven decisions with ease. Help agents to update inventory information anytime, anywhere.

Real Estate Inventory management software

Easier Collaboration

Enable seamless inter-departmental collaboration through Microsoft productivity tools like Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint. Allow sales, finance, and customer service teams to prospect communication, payments, maintenance requests, etc.

Website Integrations

Push inventory information into internal and third-party websites to auto-capture leads directly into the CRM system against a particular unit or a property. Get the most out of sales and marketing efforts with real-time portfolio information.

Streamline Operations, Optimize Income

Maximize visibility for smooth operations

Real Estate Inventory management software

Graphical View

Get real-time visibility into residential or commercial portfolio through color-coded stacking plans:

  • Obtain unit availability with price information at a glance.
  • Track tenancy-mix or owner details of any given unit or property with ease.
  • Split or Merge units under a contract based on requirements.

Inventory Structure

Define inventory master data across portfolio, properties, and units.

  • Establish a one-to-many relationship between units and properties.
  • 360-degree view of a unit with contract and tenant/owner information.
  • Generate payment schedules and track payments for a unit(s) under contract.
Real Estate Inventory management software

Reporting Capabilities

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and native Power BI reporting capability.

  • Build user-specific dashboards and reports for custom views.
  • Track vacancy, renewals, rent  collections, etc. for each portfolio or property.
  • Link department-wise data with inventory for comprehensive insights.
Real Estate Inventory management software

Inventory Upload

Onboard properties in double quick time.

  • Leverage native Microsoft capabilities via seamless excel uploads.
  • Input inventory data into templated formats and import with ease.
  • Reduce time taken to onboard residential, commercial, or retail properties and get underway right away.