What distinguishes a good community from a great community? The maintenance services, quality of facilities, level of security, resident engagement are some of the key elements that foster a sense of community living and involvement. Keeping residents and associations at the heart of a community is the way to ensure smooth functioning. Property-xRM’s Community Management Software is your one-stop-shop for hassle-free service.

Best Community Association Management Software

Master Community Billing

Handle community charges or the fees levied by the Master Developer upon the Owners for payment toward general charges or outsourced FM services. Generate invoices based on prorated calculations with the flexibility to make unit-wise billing changes.

Best Community Association Management Software

Amenity Booking

Our Best Community Association Management Software systematize the process of reserving and using community facilities like event spaces, pool, etc. Check availability, request bookings, get approvals, collect payments, and more. Streamline rentals, supervise occupancy, and track usage with ease.

Best Community Association Management Software

Permit Management

Our community association management software formalize the process of obtaining authorization for activities like construction, photography, or events in the community from the concerned committee and streamline the necessary steps.

Best Community Association Management Software

Resident Communication

Notify residents regarding important announcements or payment reminders via personal messages or pop-ups on the online portal. Manage communications and keep all parties informed at all times by using our best community association management software.

Violation Notices

Violation Notice

Automate the process of sending warnings emails and follow-ups to owners against whom a complaint may be raised. Track and address violations of community rules and regulations with a provision to raise penalty notices to defaulters.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Automate service request capture and assignment, enhancing resident satisfaction. Keep track of assets, common areas, and amenities in the community and schedule maintenance or work orders from within the system.

Transform Community Services Effortlessly

Enhance living experiences with a robust community management software

Best Community Association Management Software

Amenity Bookings

  • Give users/owners the option to book, cancel, and reschedule amenity bookings.
  • View calendars with colored time slots to check availability.
  • Provide mobile and web options to facilitate the booking process.
Community Permit Management

Permits and Requests

  • Obtain permits for activities in the community to comply with regulations.
  • Track requests and statuses on a real-time basis.
  • Get notifications upon approval from the committee members.
  • Upload documents from the system and capture digital signatures.
Digital Communications

Digital Notices

  • Use email, text messages, and newsletters to communicate with members.
  • Streamline maintenance notices, payment reminders, and mass community announcements.
  • Send personal notices to owners with defaults or violations.