CRM for Homebuilders and Developers

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May 08, 202307:40:38am

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Homebuilders and Developers?

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A CRM aims at streamlining sales processes and increasing overall revenue. Customer Relationship Management software is a must-have for every Homebuilder or Developer. A Real Estate CRM is vital in building relationships with customers and helping them find their dream homes faster. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Homebuilders and Property-xRM together offer a scalable solution.

Traditionally speaking, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Global CRM applicable to any industry. But, at Property-xRM, we leverage the power of the leading tech platform and combine our decades of real estate expertise offering the best of both worlds. An Operational CRM capable of handling all revenue-generating aspects of a Real Estate Company – even creating contracts, invoices, receipts, and financial reports. As someone using Microsoft or looking at Microsoft solutions, it is worthwhile to know that:

  • Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform.
  • Microsoft’s ERP has the largest share of the market.
  • The Microsoft Ecosystem of Applications across Office 365 and Azure Cloud is the largest in the World.

As Microsoft’s preferred industry-specific Independent Software Vendor, Property-xRM brings a consolidated, powerful platform for Real Estate Companies. Let’s look into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Property-xRM help to achieve this:


  • Why a CRM for Homebuilders?
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Perfect Homebuilder/ Real Estate CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Immense Potential as a CRM for Homebuilders
  • CRM for Homebuilders: A must for effective home sales and rentals
  • Conclusion

Why a CRM for Homebuilders and Real Estate Developers?

Let’s start with the why. We will point out three of the most obvious reasons and you can tell us if you relate to them.

A CRM for Homebuilders helps you create a better buyer experience by: 

  • Lead and Opportunity Management: Automate the home sales processes and never miss a lead, a property viewing, or a follow-up with a potential resident.
  • Lead Scoring and Relationship Analytics: Prioritize leads based on their likelihood to close and get real-time insights into your customer relationships.
  • Personalized conversations: Engage home buyers or potential tenants in personalized communication from start to finish. 
Lead Management - CRM for Homebuildrs
Real-estate-specific business process flow with Property-xRM and Dynamics 365

This helps you understand where a customer is in his homebuying journey. You can then prioritize and personalize communications with them. With timely reminders from a CRM, you can also follow up swiftly.

In addition, you are armed with data and analytics. As a result, you can develop deep and meaningful relationships with homeowners. Finally, you take a buyer from stranger to advocate by leading them through a customer journey crafted exclusively to address their needs.

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Homebuilders

1. Systematic Real Estate Inventory and Lead Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365-based Property-xRM promotes systematic real estate lead management. Streamline the lead-to-deal cycle for home sales and leases. Capture leads from multiple channels like listing websites, social media, and email campaigns into a single database and define automated to-do lists for your sales team. Leverage the latest in Artificial Intelligence to score leads based on conversion likelihood with automated follow-up reminders to help agents close maximum deals. Share system-generated proposals, create agreements, and manage approvals easily to boost efficiency.

CRM for Homebuilders - Property-xRM
Get visibility into properties and available units with Property-xRM

With systematic inventory management, get a real-time view of units and properties. Empower agents with updated information while dealing with prospective homebuyers. Block or release units from the inventory and manage user-wise access to properties. Provide customers with an option for 3D Property viewing and access to floor plans. Set differential pricing for units based on demand and make revenue-maximizing decisions.

2. Powerful and Integrated Platform

Access all customer data including personal information, unit preferences, and activity history in one place without having to log into multiple systems.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform that brings together Marketing, Home Sales (Sales), Resident Service (Customer Service), Facilities Management (Field Service), and Finance, making it easy to build relationships with owners, interact and manage complex sales processes, and maximize revenue opportunities.

So, when a prospect who has already interacted with your firm, calls up to enquire about his new home, Dynamics 365 Customer Service ensures that service representatives have access to necessary information. This will help him take the best course of action, wherever the client is in the customer journey.

3. Help make informed decisions

A Homebuilder CRM like Property-xRM prioritizes your most important tasks and unveils hidden opportunities with comprehensive reports. This helps to make informed decisions. 

Forecasting opportunity value based on sales pipeline and type

For example, let’s say a developer is looking to build and sell a property in a particular location and wants to see similar properties sold in the past. By filtering specific property attributes and linking them to past sales, they can access the list of buyers and other demographic information. They can use this intelligence while marketing to create relevant buyer personas for campaigns or social listings. Alternatively, it could also help understand the prominent channels in bringing leads and invest more in those.

At the same time, the real-time insights allow users to make price changes to a property or a unit on an ad-hoc basis depending on demand and potential. Learn more about how Property-xRM helps in Real estate sales management.

4. Customized dashboards that keep you on track

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets users create custom dashboards in addition to the standard out-of-the-box metrics to keep track of key performance indicators. Standard metrics include sales, lead-to-opportunity conversion, marketing, sales activity dashboards, etc. Some custom dashboards for real estate could be inventory dashboards reflecting vacancies, property-specific metrics, approval status, etc.

Property-xRM Dashboard View for Residential Sales

The ability to create and set KPIs for the sales team means that any table or field in the CRM can be represented as a report or a dashboard within Microsoft Dynamics. From a real estate perspective, these could translate into various stages in the homebuying journey. e.g. Property Viewing, Offer Submitted, Negotiation, etc.

Having all data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Homebuilders with Property-xRM helps improve sales by providing better visibility into the pipeline. Similarly, notifications on sales team SLAs and revenue numbers also ensure managers can stay informed about operations.

5. Anywhere on Any device

Sales App of Microsoft Dynamics 365-based Property-xRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers consistent processes anywhere on any device, helping you work efficiently from anywhere. 

With a solution like Property-xRM Sales App, users leverage the capabilities of a Real Estate CRM anywhere, at any time. You can convert leads quickly, provide digital walkthroughs of the property to potential homeowners, and communicate remotely with your team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the ultimate CRM for Homebuilders. It offers consistent processes across all your devices, allowing you to work more efficiently from anywhere. 

CRM for Homebuilders and Developers: A Must for Effective Sales

A CRM for Homebuilders is a must for more effective sales practices. It helps you create a better buyer experience, and streamline the selling process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most powerful CRMs out there, which makes it an ideal choice for real estate professionals who want to compete with others in their area or even across the country! 


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your bottom line. To succeed in the real estate business, a CRM is one of the most effective tools you can use. It can help you increase sales by giving you more time and resources for effective marketing. It can also save hours of manual admin work so that you can focus on where it really matters – Your Customer. 

Property-xRM, CRM for Homebuilders is built atop Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have been creating Sales Superstars in Real estate for more than two decades now.