4 reasons why it is critical for your Property Leasing Team to have a virtual platform

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Dec 05, 202109:30:00am

4 reasons why it is critical for your Property Leasing Team to have a virtual platform

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As we all stand together against the Covid-19 virus and the harrowing economic chaos that might be left in its wake, virtual information sharing has become our most important tool in this fight. A reduction in real estate transactions are expected due to various factors and it’s already visible. Customers are finding it irrational to put lives at risk and go property hunting at the moment. It’s hard to expect that the situation will change soon but virtual platforms are helping businesses to break constraints and move forward. CRM solutions like the Property-xRM provide a holistic data driven platform that enables full lease management. It helps in tracking leads, renewing leases, termination activities thereby enabling leasing professionals to close deals faster at the comfort of a couch. Leasing teams that leverage these platforms give themselves a massive competitive advantage — and those who don’t, are simply missing the opportunity when they shouldn’t.

Reduce downtime and expedite your deal cycles.

With everyone already on the same page, time can be spent more effectively by having strategic conversations about how to best position assets to meet market demand. If you are confused on how everybody is on the same page, every company that utilizes a virtual platform has track of updates entered from various activities of operation. From generating a lease lead to the last post leasing activity of confirmation or termination, every detail is visible and available on the CRM software. Information is received quickly, valuable time is saved and deals are approved faster eventually reducing costly downtime.

Grab the opportunity to engage potential customers to the very end

With the database you create via the virtual platform  you get an insight into how, what and which property is most preferred and by what type of customer. This is because every detail of a customer can be saved and most importantly it can be referred to for later use with the virtual platform. There is really no excuse for a customer not to receive information immediately following an enquiry. And if you do not provide it, your competitor will.

Empower your employees by making it easy

A virtual platform will allow you to empower your team by making things easy. They need not do tedious paperwork or manual data entry and reporting. Especially agents or brokers who need to engage in field networking, talking to people, and ultimately sell. This means that they are put at a better position to achieve profitable targets being able to save time, have accurate information on the leads and share the information with the team almost instantly. With Contracts and approvals made online, invoices processed digitally and enabling tenants to submit documents through the platform, every operation helps your business to be optimized for the future. Using these platforms to market guidelines and measures for customers, agents can engage them better. Accompanied by the ability to report in real time will help to focus on nurturing the leads that seem to have more potential analyzing structured data with the team.

Be the hero when answering queries

We always take our prospects seriously but now, more than ever, they require greater support in finding what they want. Become their hero by using the virtual platform as your super cape to connect and answer all queries that help them with a direction. Dedicated CRM tools  make it easier for you to identify your customers or leads since the history of all interactions are logged and arranged well. This gives you an insight into the expected problems thereby keeping you ready with answers to every query. Property-xRM leverages the power of Dynamics 365  to transform how Leasing functions are centralized and administered through a comprehensive and fully integrated property solution.
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