Property Inspections with Property-xRM

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Jul 01, 202405:08:09am

Property Inspections with Property-xRM: A Comprehensive Guide

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Property inspections are crucial for keeping assets valuable, safe, and in top condition. Whether you’re a property manager, real estate agent, or investor, staying on top of property inspections can be daunting. With numerous properties to manage, coordinating schedules, documenting issues, and ensuring compliance can quickly become overwhelming. Traditional methods can result in missed issues and delayed maintenance. At the same time, manual inspections are also time-consuming and error-prone. 

Let’s not forget that ultimately, inspections are also about being efficient!

CAFM solution of Property-xRM solves these problems with its property inspection module. This guide will explain why property inspections are important and show how Property-xRM can improve your inspection process.

Need for Property Inspections 

Property Inspection

Property inspections are critical for several reasons: 

1) Safety Compliance

It ensures that safety appliances such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and emergency exits are all functional. An example would be regularly checking smoke detectors in an apartment complex to ensure that it is clean and complies with the local fire code that ensures the safety of the occupants.

2) Preventive Maintenance

Optimizing your facility management operations is crucial to staying competitive. This practice involves identifying early signs of structural damage. For instance, identifying minor cracks or leaks on the roof can save a lot on future repairs. Identifying a small leak before it becomes a major water damage issue is a part of preventive maintenance. 

3) Tenant Satisfaction

Quickly fixing minor problems like leaking plumbing systems or failing HVAC systems helps ensure tenant satisfaction. For instance, regular inspections of HVAC systems in rental units ensure tenants enjoy a comfortable living environment. 

4) Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal involves maintaining the property’s appearance, such as completing landscaping, maintaining the exterior, cleaning common areas, and more. Consider the example of inspecting and maintaining the exterior attractiveness of a multi-family housing property. Not only does it help find new tenants, but it also helps retain current ones.

5) Property Value Protection

Keeping all property elements in good condition preserves it and enhances its market value. For example, regularly checking the condition of amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers in a condominium complex ensures they remain appealing and functional, protecting the property’s value. 

In the constantly changing field of real estate, maintaining an efficient inspection system and property maintenance management system is vital for ensuring the immediate resolution of any issues. 

Understanding the Property Inspection in Property-xRM 

Effective property management requires thorough inspections. Property-xRM simplifies this task through an integrated inspection module. Let’s explore the different stages of this module in detail. 

1. Initiate Request

The on-site team requests inspections whenever a need arises. In the case of routine maintenance checks, or when there are areas of concern, these members can initiate direct inspections through the mobile app. When an inspection request is triggered, an email is automatically sent to the inspection officer under consideration in this case. The in-charge inspection officer can now act on reviewing the pending inspection task. 

2. Inspection

Once an inspection request is initiated, the inspection officer logs into the inspection app where the inspection template based on the type of unit is automatically populated. This customizable template covers every aspect of the property, from roof condition to lighting. The template can be customized to meet each property’s unique needs.

3. Capture Snags

After opening the app and initiating the inspection, the officer will access the snag list. A snag list is essentially a checklist of various potential issues or defects that require the officer’s attention. They carefully check for snags in assets or unit condition, e.g. doorbell, plumbing, cleanliness, etc., marking each find using specific problem codes. These codes are then used to categorize the snags to easily manage and prioritize the matters. Upon filing the codes into the system, Property-xRM immediately produces a detailed description of all the snags listed. 

4. Resolve Snags

After the inspection officer captures all the snags, the next step is to resolve them. The system allows the officer to assign specific technicians to each issue, ensuring that the right expert handles the right problem. As technicians address and fix the snags, Property-xRM automatically generates a snag resolution document. This document details the actions taken to resolve each issue, providing a clear and organized record of the completed work. 

5. Complete Inspection

Upon completion of the inspection, the information is promptly updated in the Property Management application. Throughout the inspection process, the officer can capture before and after pictures of assets or areas, providing visual documentation of the property’s condition. 

Benefits of Using Property-xRM for Property Inspections

Benefits of Property Inspections

1. Streamlined Initiation Process

Eliminate manual scheduling errors and never miss an inspection for a new tenant space again. For instance, when initiating an inspection request for a new commercial tenant space, the process is simplified to just a few clicks. This ensures the commercial area is prepared and meets requirements before signing the new lease. This way, the landlord never misses out on a rental opportunity, and the tenant is more satisfied.

2. Timely Inspection Notifications

Automated notifications reduce the risk of communication gaps. For a multi-building residential complex, having an automated notification system means that the inspection officer is always on top of scheduled maintenance for amenities such as pools and gyms. Timely inspections prevent issues like equipment failures during peak usage times. This helps Maintain high standards for amenities, reducing tenant complaints and legal risks. 

3. Field Efficiency with Mobile Inspections

The mobile app boosts accuracy and efficiency for inspection officers in the field. For instance, in a building renovation, it enables immediate documentation and categorization of issues like structural cracks or outdated electrical systems. This real-time data is vital for coordinating with contractors who need detailed information. This provides precise, real-time data, facilitating better coordination and quick resolution. 

4. Expert Task Allocation

By clearly assigning tasks to the right personnel, issues are effectively addressed. For example, in a luxury condominium, promptly resolving HVAC problems by directing them to the most skilled technicians ensures quick fixes and maintains high standards. This is important to ensure tenant satisfaction and the property’s premium reputation. Instead of manual assignments, AI can recommend the best technician based on skill, location, and availability. 

5. Visual Proof of Property Maintenance

Taking before and after pictures enhances transparency and accountability by providing a clear record of the property’s condition over time. For example, in a large retail mall, documenting the storefront’s condition before and after a water damage incident offers clear evidence for insurance claims and helps track repair effectiveness. This transparency is crucial for maintaining good relationships with tenants and insurance providers. 

In summary, Property-xRM provides an organized, and effective method of handling property inspection. The five stages including the Initiate Request, Inspection, Capture Snags, Resolve Snags, and Complete Inspection help the property managers to conduct complete, timely, and accurate inspections. 

Explore the powerful capabilities of Property-xRM today and see how it can transform your inspection process.